Robotic Grinding: The future of metal fabrication.

  • Grinding is one of the most physically demanding applications in metal fabrication, requiring a unique combination of force and precision. These attributes make robotic grinding a great option for many operations. Through automated grinding you can achieve more consistent part quality, increased throughput and long-term cost savings over manual grinding.

    Partner with 3M and our robotics experts will help guide you through the automation journey. We have the long-lasting, fast-cutting abrasives and industry knowledge you’ll need for a successful implementation.

Automated Grinding heading with icons representing Quality and Consistency, Productivity and Efficiency, and Long Term Cost Savings

What are the advantages of robotic grinding?

There are many reasons why companies explore grinding automation. While labor costs and a shrinking workforce are constant concerns in the manufacturing world, there are many process improvements to be achieved through automated grinding.

  • Quality and Consistency

    A properly programmed and optimized robot will grind and finish each part consistently, eliminating common operator errors like overgrinding and undercutting. This reduces the number of scrapped parts and increases the overall quality of the parts you send out the door.

  • Productivity and Efficiency

    Like all forms of industrial automation — including robotic welding — robotic grinding can help reduce cycle times on your production lines. Robots can perform weld grinding and beveling tasks around the clock, and their ability to apply higher forces enables a faster cut-rate in the grinding process.

  • Long-term Cost Savings

    While the upfront costs of implementing automation can be high, the gains made in productivity and consistency can help ensure that the investment pays for itself.

Watch the Robotic Grinding Process

  • pushcorp robotic weld grinding steel bumper
    Robotic Weld Grinding and Blending with 3M Abrasives
  • PushCorp Robotic Beveling and Surface Finishing
    Robotic Beveling with 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives

two individuals standing next to machine
3M Proof of Concept Program

Send us your parts and our abrasives experts can perform feasibility testing in one of our robotics labs to see if automated deburring is right for you.


Automation Simplified: Robotic Grinding Solutions

3M Abrasives has partnered with leading robot manufacturers and system integrators to simplify the robotic implementation process. We offer two systems for robotic grinding that can get you started in automation quickly.

  • KUKA ready2_grind Weld Grinding Robot
    KUKA ready2_grind Weld Grinding Robot

    This pre-configured robotic weld grinding system from 3M and KUKA is designed to streamline the automation process.

  • Lincoln Electric’s Fab-Pak® OmniClean™ Robotic Grinding System
    Lincoln Electric’s Fab-Pak® OmniClean™ Robotic Grinding System

    The complete all-in-one robotic grinding cell from 3M and Lincoln Electric Automation.

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Try our robotics ROI calculator.

Calculate your potential ROI and find out what automation could be worth in your operation.


Let's Talk Automation

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