3M Detection Calibration Service

3M Calibration Service for Detection Equipment

Comprehensive Coverage, Peace of Mind

  • 3M's ISO 17025 accredited laboratory offers customers service and calibration of your detection equipment, performed by our qualified service technicians, to help maintain the accuracy of your instrument and help validate your results.

  • Calibrations Include:

    • Warranty extension of 12 additional months on currently manufactured products
    • Turn-around time of typically 4 to 7 days, (excluding transit time)
    • Factory Hardware and Firmware updates automatically installed
    • Factory trained electronic technicians competent to service and calibrate all 3M Detection instruments
    • Peace of mind that your service has been performed properly

    Level l – No “As Found” and “As Left” data included Sample Certification of Calibration (PDF, 42 KB)

    Level II – In addition includes the following:
    Record of incoming "As Found" data & "As Left" data ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 accredited calibration* A2LA Certificate and Scope of Accreditation (PDF, 597 KB) Validation of data if challenged during litigation NIST traceable certificate of calibration Sample Certificate of Calibration (PDF, 42 KB)

    NSR: No service requested
    *Excluding models:

    Warranty - Warranty repair.

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